lunes, 29 de abril de 2013

Stunning Mother Day's Gifts

 A photographic product is the gift of a memory that will last forever. Pictures will definitely last longer than flowers, can make excellent decoration, and will definitely warm mom’s heart. Here are different types of photographic gifts you can give mom throughout the month of May. 

A Generation Picture
Generation pictures can become a  priceless family heirloom. A picture of grandma, mom, and the kids are the perfect way to celebrate mother's day and freeze their beauty in time. Furthermore, it will make grandma's and mom's home look stylish, and become the center of attention of their homes.

A Photo Session
Moms and grandmas are always taking pictures of their little ones. Now, you could give them the opportunity to sit back and relax. Let us take gorgeous images of them. Think about who mom/grandma would like included in the session. You know the ladies of the house more than anyone. Will they enjoy a photo session with just you, with the whole family, with her sons or daughters only? The possibilities are endless! From a photo session we can create a beautiful collection of pictures that mom will enjoy always.

A Dress-Up Session
Let's create a unique family heirloom together. Let's have your kiddos dress up with grandma's or mom's dress, shoes, wedding gown, or jewelry. You could also include family photographs, objects, props to make the photograph even more special. The kids will definitely love playing dress-up.

     Let us help you create a stunning piece of art that will wow mom or grandma in this month dedicated to the most important women in our lives. Set an appointment with us, so that we can plan your photo session based on your family's personality and special traits. As a token for mom we will include a slideshow with the best pictures of your photo session with your order at no extra cost!

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viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013


My husband and I believe there is nothing more rewarding than capturing the joyous moments life brings to people. We are inspired by the happiness a promise of love can bring to someone's life - be it in the form of a baby, a spouse, a son, daughter, mom, or dad. It's like capturing a poetry verse in an image, thus the name, Capture a Stanza.
Mi esposo y yo creemos que no hay nada más satisfactorio que capturar, para la posteridad, los momentos felices que la vida nos brinda. Nos inspira la felicidad que una promesa de amor puede traer a la vida de alguien - ya sea en la forma de un bebé, un cónyuge, un hijo, una hija, una madre, o un padre. Es como capturar un verso de poesía, de ahí el nombre, Capture a Stanza (Atrapar un verso).

We're Nidia and Miguel Ramos, professional photographers and co-founders of Capture a Stanza Photography.
When we were dating, Miguel and I always tried to remember the places we visited together. We didn't have a professional camera then, but we used whatever we had on hand - usually our cellphones.

We decided to pursue photography as a career after we got married. We found inspiration and motivation in the artist helped us capture one of the most meaningful experiences of our lives, our wedding. Because of this artist, we now have gorgeous images to relive those moments. The more we immersed ourselves in the incredible world of photography, the more passionate we became about it. Now, photography is a fundamental part of our lives.
 Miguel and I have had the honor to document several love stories in the US and in our native El Salvador. These experiences have brought us a deep sense of pride and joy as people and as artists.

Horace once said, "A picture is a poem without words". At CAPTURE A STANZA PHOTOGRAPHY we believe that is true. We love capturing the beauty of life in pictures. Let us be a part of your life.
Horacio una vez dijo: "Una imagen es un poema sin palabras". En CAPTURE A STANZA PHOTOGRAPHY creemos en esa verdad. Nos encanta capturar la belleza de la vida en nuestras imágenes. Déjenos ser parte de su vida.